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  • Relay Switch Silver Tip Contact

    Relay Switch Silver Tip ContactMain Application Contactors, Circuit Breakers, Temperature Controllers, Intelligent Switches, etc. Main Material AgZnO, AgSnO2, AgCu, AgCuO, AgCdO, AgNi, AgSnO2In2O3, AgSnO2/Cu, AgCdO/Cu, etc. Product Photo ShowRead More

  • Pure Silver Metal Contact Parts Nickel Sheet

    Pure Silver Metal Contact Parts Nickel SheetPure Silver Sheet Contact General Description Silver(Ag) and fine-crystalline silver (FAg) possess well electrical and thermal conductivity, low and stable contact resistance, and well processability. FAg - Adding small quantity of nickel into the silver, which highly refining the grain of the...Read More

  • Silver Bimetal Contact Rivets

    Silver Bimetal Contact RivetsStandard Shapes Sta n dard Dimensions Rivet Contact Size Tolerance (mm) Main Application Relays, Contactors, Miniature Switches, Temperature Controllers, etc. Main Material AgCu/Cu, Ag/Cu, AgNi/Cu, AgSnO2In2O3/Cu, AgSnO2/Cu, AgCdO/Cu, AgCuO/Cu, AgZnO/Cu. Product Photo ShowRead More

  • Silver Brass Trimetal Contact Rivets

    Silver Brass Trimetal Contact RivetsStandard Shapes Specifications Grade A: the ratio of head diameter D to shank diameter d is around 1.7~2.2. Grade B: the ratio of head diameter D to shank diameter d is around 1.2~1.4. Table 1. Grade A Trimetal Rivet Dimensions&Tolerances (mm) Table 2. Grade B Trimetal Rivet...Read More