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Welding Torch Contact Tip

  • Silver Bimetal Contact Rivets

    Silver Bimetal Contact RivetsStandard Shapes Sta n dard Dimensions Rivet Contact Size Tolerance (mm) Main Application Relays, Contactors, Miniature Switches, Temperature Controllers, etc. Main Material AgCu/Cu, Ag/Cu, AgNi/Cu, AgSnO2In2O3/Cu, AgSnO2/Cu, AgCdO/Cu, AgCuO/Cu, AgZnO/Cu. Product Photo ShowRead More

  • Italy Bremas CA Series Rotary Cam Switch Parts Contact

    Italy Bremas CA Series Rotary Cam Switch Parts ContactItaly Bremas CA Series Rotary Cam Switch Parts Contact, 6 static contacts, 3 movable contacts, 3 springs, 3 white plastic caps(Cam Switch Housing).Read More

  • Copper Contact Bridge Assembly

    Copper Contact Bridge AssemblyCopper Contact Bridge Assembly General Description Aokai has all kinds of processing technology of connecting contacts and supports, we have multiple and flexible manufacturing methods to meet customers’ multiple and customized requirements. Main Application The assemblies are widely used in...Read More